The activity of sanitary and construction valves of Riabi manufacturing industries dates back to 1358, when it started working in the field of non-ferrous metal casting industry, and now this group is active in various fields, including the production of various types of brass parts, rebars, pipes and brass sections. According to the successes of this group in the mentioned cases and according to the increasing needs of the country, a unit for the production of sanitary valves was established and by creating new scientific methods in different production departments and by using technical knowledge and using expert and experienced forces. And with modern technology, it has started to produce its products in accordance with the national standards of Iran at numbers 6679-1546 so that it can compete with the most prominent European brands.

Today, Riabi Sanitary and Construction Faucets believes that with the hard work and perseverance of its managers and committed employees, keeping up with modern technology and relying on new research and technologies, it can provide new opportunities to respond to the current and future needs of its customers. to create The basis of the management attitude of this organization has been based on customer satisfaction, in this sense, it has always been trying to implement the latest international standards in the field of health, quality management and environmental issues, keeping the quality control equipment up to date and continuous training of the workforce. The human being should keep the quality level of the products at the highest level. It is worth mentioning that the design unit of this organization has acted in such a way that the products, in addition to saving water and energy, bring beauty, comfort and peace to its customers at an excellent level.

It is a source of joy for the big family of Riabi Sanitary and Construction Faucets, which can help maintain the development of productive employment and participation in the sustainable development of our beloved country while providing products to our fellow countrymen. Our mission is to create new opportunities for the development of product quality, respect for the customer and real after-sales service, and respect for the society in which we live.